Championship Photo Gallery


     2017-U12 Girls-Lacombe Panthers            League Top Scorer                        2017- U12 Tier V Mixed- Bentley

      League Silver Medalists                                                  Mariika Meadus- Lacombe Panthers                                League Gold Medalists

     Provincial Reps - Placed 5th - Fairplay Award                         U12 Girls


League Top Scorer       2017-U12 Boys-Stettler FC                                 2017-U12 Boys- Camrose Vikings (Brooks)

Cam Hinton - Ponoka Storm         League Gold Medalists          Night Classic Gold Medalists                   League Silver Medalists                   Night Classic Bronze Medalists

U12 Boys                                            Provincial Reps - Placed 5th                                                                              Provincial Reps - Placed 6th


           2017-U12 Boys-Lacombe Panthers (Dunlap)







2017-U14 Girls - Camrose Vikings          2017- U14 Girls                                     2017-U14 Girls - Stettler FC

League Silver Medalists               Night Classic-Silver              Top Scorer                                                  Provincial Rep - 8th Place

Provincial Silver Medalists                                            Katlin McCartney-Camrose Vikings 



 2017- U14 Girls- Red Deer Renegades                            2017 - U14 Boys- Camrose Vikings (Befus)

 League Gold Medalists                                                                    League Silver Medalists

                                                                                                                                       Provincial Silver Medalists & Fairplay Award



2017-U14 Boys-Camrose Vikings(Thompson)                    2017-U16 Girls-Camrose Vikings

Provincial Reps - Placed 7th                                                                                           LEAGUE GOLD MEDALISTS                           NIGHT CLASSIC SILVER

                                                                                                                                           PROVINCIAL REPS- PLACED 4TH


League Top Scorer         2017-U16 Girls-Stettler FC                                        2017-U16 Girls - Ponoka Storm

Cayleigh Scheltus                                  PROVINCIAL BRONZE MEDALISTS    NIGHT CLASSIC SILVER                        LEAGUE SILVER MEDALISTS


2017-U16 Boys- Stettler FC                                                2017-U16 Boys - Camrose Vikings

LEAGUE GOLD MEDALISTS                 NIGHT CLASSIC BRONZE                             LEAGUE SILVER MEDALISTS                        NIGHT CLASSIC-SILVER

PROVINCIAL BRONZE MEDALISTS                                                                            


   2017-U16 Boys-Rocky Knights                                                League Top Scorers

     PROVINCIAL REP- PLACED 4TH                                   U16 Boys - Camrose Vikings- Erik Bouck                            U16 Boys- Rocky Knights- Connor Schweder      



League Top Scorer     2017-U18 Girls-Ponoka Storm                                          2017- U18 Girls- Rimbey Rockers

U18 Girls-Tess Pearman                    LEAGUE GOLD MEDALISTS                                                                                  PROVINCIAL BRONZE MEDALISTS

Ponoka Storm                                     PROVINCIAL SILVER MEDALISTS


2017-U18 Boys- Lacombe Panthers                           2017-U18 Boys Camrose Vikings

PROVINCIAL GOLD MEDALISTS                                                                          PROVINCIAL SILVER MEDALISTS & FAIRPLAY AWARD         

                                                                                                                                                    NIGHT CLASSIC-BRONZE

2017-CASA Selects U16 Girls Tournament Team


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